2 years ago

Biosgraphy brings social networking and blogging together for meaningful communication. Available natively for all platforms, Biosgraphy is an application we built entirely in house, entirely from scratch. If you are sick of 140 character limits and short attention spans, this might be worth your time.


The scale of Bisography was like nothing we had worked on before and although we honed some of our skills with regards to feature creep, time budgeting and other internal processes, a few prevailing methodologies kept us on track.

• Mobile - First Methodology

Designing for Ipad scale first, scaling up for web and down for mobile.

• Think Small, Execute Big

Considering in detail, on first launch, what is going to give the users of this platform the most value and implementing this across all devices and scalable into the future.

• Content is King

Our biggest priority was the user's content, keeping it front and centre, accessible and un-obscured.

• Universality and Accessibility

The user's time should be spent enjoying the content, not searching or navigating around. Clarity, context in design and a clear information structure were big priorities.

Autobiography for the Digital Age

Without a solid user based blogging can be a black hole for your energy. Creating a platform where people can both create and read extended articles means that anyone can get their voice heard. Starting your own blog is no longer such an up-hill climb.


Crowd Chronicles, the new Collaboration

We introduced elements for categorization called Crowd Chronicles. However unlike conventional blogging, these can be accessed site-wide. Which means that collections of topics will organically begin to emerge from the people using Biosgraphy. This introduces user generated decision making directly into the platform. Biosgraphy brings together people of similar interests dynamically. The flow of information and content had to be paramount in order to achieve this. There is no filter on the content but the one you select yourself.


Content & Accessibility

These two things go hand in hand. A simple / clear hierarchy of navigation combined with intuitive content creation allows all users to easily start reading and creating content. There is no learning curve and there is no user interface obstructions. We’ve created a space that makes reading easy and enjoyable, no sidebars, widgets or pop ups. The content is front and centre. Create a biog and you know that it will look good, on your screen and your mobile.


Audience for free

Biosgraphy comes with it’s own community of avid content makers. They know that great ideas can come from anyone. You don't have to be famous to get hundreds of views on Biosgraphy and because it’s still new you can build and grow with the platform.

Get Onboard

Biosgraphy was built for everyone and we’ve only just begun; where we go from here is up to you. All of our decisions are based on the users, not stakeholders. Other social media is changing the way we communicate, but not always for the better. Biosgraphy believes that everyone's opinion matters, and ideas should be free flowing.
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