3 years ago

Biosgraphy was a big project there’s no doubt. But just how many icon designs did we go through? The answer: lots.

Each icon was selected out of a pool of at least a dozen, and often went through several redesigns before the final release of Biosgraphy 1.0. The icons had to work at all sizes, resolutions and platforms.


Each of the “element” (formally “dimension”) icons had to portray the idea that each element represented. It had to be cohesive as a group of icons and, while fitting in with system and menu icons, be distinct and unique.

This at first seemed easy, however the difficulty lay in capturing nuance. Some elements were not in any way standard; each one had a very specific yet almost obscure meaning.

If you look at the options for “Creations” you can see that each icon represents a slightly different aspect of “creating.”


The choice was narrowed down to Origami. So we did some refinements to both the crane and the pin wheel. We eventually settled on the pinwheel, as the crane had some negative connotations and the pinwheel was more indicative of childhood. (because when are you more proud of something you’ve made than when you are a kid?).


Here are some options and variations we considered for Fav:


Icon “Load Testing”

Many icons had to work in multiple shades of light and dark, not just black and white. There also had to have an outlined version that’s still visible at small sizes and each state had to work over the top of images. If you would like to learn our icon creation process click here.

Here are some examples of where we used icons:

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