2 years ago

Eternal Eve is a platform for women to find reliable businesses, through trusted reviews from their peers and provide direct organic contact between them and businesses anywhere in the world. To view the Flinto mock up click here.


  • Focus on gestures that provide context, simplify navigation and are satisfying to interact with
  • Create a UI that is consistent and expandable
  • User immediately realises app value
  • Appeal to the intended target audience by improving user experience
  • Address weaknesses of existing app
  • Provide benefits and opportunities for business and users to engage organically
  • Encourage more user generated content
  • Create credible and charismatic personalities to follow

Identity Re-alignment

The biggest problem with the branding was “brand” affinity. The current branding aligns Eternal Eve with the businesses it is trying to promote; it gives off a “spa salon” feeling.

Eternal Eve needed to be more grand / of a higher class. It needs to target women working in the professional field such as airline flight attendants, business executive and entrepreneurial women. It needs to portray that it is a hub for these businesses.



The dark purple was very foreboding, so we decided to use predominately silver on white, with small spots of purple. This worked to align with the new style but was also very effective as hierarchical navigation.


The type that we used was: Europa, Valentina, and Helvetica Neue. Valentina for names. Europa because it is extremely clean / open / legible but has a unique character. Helvetica Neue for counters system settings etc.


We used the apple icon as inspiration for functional and global navigation iconography. The thin format complimented the typography and was based on style and fashion inspiration.



We used blurs, screen-wipes, surface ripples and icon morphs. This combines a bit of iOS and google material design. Animations are only used to establish and maintain context at every point in time.



Until a smart search can be implemented we wanted to reduce the time a user spends searching around for a business. This is achieved by reducing irrelevant information and alleviate the pressure the old design placed on the map interface.

By pre-selecting a category and displaying results only for that category, it reduces the clutter on the map and increase the chance of the user finding relevant businesses around their area for the type of service or products they were searching for. It also makes the app appear more specialised in this area - that it’s providing unique information.



Reviews are integral to Eternal Eve. The new review page uses the full screen rich purple overlay with a simple text entry area in the center of the screen and the name of the business along the top for context.

This format encourages a limited amount of text (capped at max 900 characters). As this is exclusively consumed on mobile, we don’t want people writing novels. After the review is submitted the user will be prompted to also post it to their social.

  • You can navigate to the business page from here
  • You can navigate to profile page from here
  • You can flag reviews
  • You can edit and delete


The redesign of Eternal Eve resulted in a substantially more aesthetically pleasing user interface. However, more importantly, we addressed many of the problems inadvertently created by a default interface. Theorycrafting for the user with specific objectives in mind, allowed us to make informed decisions in every facet of the application. The cumulative result is a much more engaging, and satisfying experience for the user.