2 years ago

John de Laeter Centre (previously “The Isotope Research for the Earth and Environment”) is a collaborative venture between tertiary education and commercial industry in Western Australia. It provides skilled graduates and high-level scientific support that contribute to the growing needs of an innovative industrial and government sector.


Our job was to updated both the visual identity and the website for John de Laeter Centre, from their existing Curtin-based site. JdLC wanted to create a stand alone website on top of a CMS platform to reflect a more professional and established persona. This was in response to expanding demand and enterprise.

Identity Redesign

The original logo was based on the key service provided by JdLC, mass spectrometry; a process that involves bombarding a sample with electrons and analysing a colourful spectra. The resulting rainbow was less that desirable for 21st century but something that needed to be preserved.

The redesign introduced the dual nature of light, behaving both as energy and a particle. This acted to preserve the rainbow colour palette, but emphasising the purple as a feature. It also created a pleasant optical illusion that work at multiple scales.


Website Redesign

The existing website was functional but extremely outdated. The rigid template structure of the Curtin Website limiting any customization. It was also inaccurately representing the scale and professionality of our client.


Information Architecture

Another serious issue to address was clarity, of information and navigation. With over a dozen facilities, there was a need to structure the services in a hierarchy of increasing detail. Starting with broad services on the home page and finishing with specialized services in the deeper internal pages.

Colour was introduced, in line with the master branding, to distinguish each facility under the umbrella of JdLC. This acted as a visual cue to tie in navigation, but any external representation of the facilities as well.


Magnitude and Credibility

All of the content needed to promote a more industry scale research centre was available; collaborators, publications / research articles, current / past projects and access to in house equipment. We distributed this content in relation to the type of user. General interest from investors and businesses would land on the home page and get a layman's description, whereas specialists looking to hire equipment could either search in the relevant facility or search the equipment page.



The final product was an accessible, responsive website with a brand new look and feel that properly reflected our clients status. The CMS allows them to continually build and update the website meaning the content will always be fresh and up-to-date. The redesign of the structure of information captures the various user cases to quickly find what they are looking for. We think that the new style will age gracefully and be a great asset to JdLC moving forward.