2 years ago

Our Online Canteen is a web service that allows parents to order their childrens school materials online. Our job was to give it a fresh new look for the relaunch late this year.

We redesigned the identity, the internal and external website and developed a comprehensive UI guide that could be used ubiquidously.


Bring the brand identity into the 21st century, create a user interface that was engaging, universally understandable and very fucntional.

Visual Identity

The logo desperately needed updating. We created several variations of the apple logo in the flat style with different levels of abstraction. We had to be careful not to promote one particular facet of the business more than another. With that in mind, we landed on the segmented version as the client felt it reflected this.



A combination of large white areas, clean and legible, san serif fonts, analogous greens and photorealistic iconography created an experience that was functional, but playful. Buttons design and other interactive elements were a nod to Googles material design, but the imagery was a decisive break from this. The imagery offset the forms and blocks of text and also acted as a navigational / contentualisation tool. The colours for each image was modified to unify the page.




UI Guide

Creating an interface removed from the specific use context is a big challenge for any designer. The development of a set of prevailing rules to govern the decision making process, is crucial. Using Google material design as a baseline was the solution to deliver within budget. Our guide adapted these fundermentals, pairing them with the new visual identity we’d created.



The result is something that is easy to use and an interface that can be epanded upon. We see the design as a perfect balance of usibility and user experience that should make many parents lives just a little bit easier.